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  • Hand poured art & treasure silver bars By SilverHubs

    • 29 days and 11 hours  
    Have you got any Hand poured silver bullion bars?  you'd like to sell, or do you produce hand poured silver treasures?  .925 or .999 silver Join us to showcase on the SilverHubs where you can place free classified adverts which will also automatically link to the silver treasures forum topics Hand poured silver businesses can also link directly to their own silver sales site Here's a couple from our own stack, lovely bars from StackerQueen 🙂  
  • New 2020 Britannia 1oz silver coins FREE delivery By SilverHubs

    • 18.00 GBP
    • 8 days and 6 hours  
    NEW 2020 Britannia 1oz 999 silver £2 bullion coins x10 SilverHubs Silver members - SELL YOUR OWN SILVER BRITANNIA COINS  - 0% SALE FEES sample prices from SilverHubs direct trade member sellers  (lower prices are also frequently available for our registered members, dealing directly with either registered, verified private coin sellers or our trade / import connections). 2020 Britannia coin selling price ranges  10 ounces  £18.50 - 19.25 oz    DELIVERY INCLUSIVE PRICE 25+ ounc
  • Britannia silver coins wanted - sell your coins 0% fees By SilverHubs

    • 7 days and 11 hours  
    SELL YOUR OWN SILVER BRITANNIA COINS  - 0% SALE FEES SilverHubs have silver buyers looking to buy all pre-owned silver bullion coins, including; 1oz Britannia 999 silver bullion coins, 2013 onwards Sell your own coins at SilverHubs, dealing directly buyer/seller, fee free. To sell your coins, simply register on the site and follow our guidelines.
  • £18.90 / Royal Coat Arms 25x1oz 999 silver coins By Steve Hotson

    • 472.50 GBP
    • 3 days and 14 hours  
    2019 Royal Coat of Arms 1oz 999 silver bullion £2 coins UK Mint NEW Full UK Mint tube of 25 ounces CGT free / VAT free / UK Silver bullion coins / UK seller secondary market vat free - as new Mint Unc price £18.90 oz  £472.50 per full tube 25 ounces   UK insured Special delivery: £8.75 up to 25 ounce or £12 per 50 ounce Payments:  secure online banking or Paypal invoice +2.9% Contact @Steve Hotson to reserve & organise payment invoice  
  • 2020 Queen's Beasts 2oz 9999 silver coins By Steve Hotson

    • 385.50 GBP
    • 2 days and 6 hours  
    NEW 2020 Queen's Beasts 2oz 9999 silver bullion coins x 10 two ounce coins / 20 Troy ounces silver SilverHubs price £19.27 / oz  £38.55 per 2oz coin  /  £385.50 per tube of 20 Troy ounces 10+ silver coins supplied in new Mint tube UK insured Special delivery: £8.70 up to 20 ounce or £12 / 40 ounce Payments:  secure online banking direct to SilverHubs UK, or for Paypal invoice add +2.9% Contact admin to order: @SilverHubs  CoinsUK SilverHubs seller, 1300+ positive


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