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Information & advice - about UK Mint silver Coins

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Why have many of us been paying over the odds for our UK Silver bullion coins? especially Mint bullion direct which is amongst the most expensive place to buy their own bullion from!

By simply not shopping around, many silver buyers often end up paying up to 20-30% more for their silver!  For something that's often sold as a good investment, that's a big leap you've got to make just to get your money back.

Q. How are SilverHubs going to help you save money and get a fair deal!?
A. Private Buyers get to buy directly from private sellers - it's as simple as that, it's the easiest way to save money and get fair trade market priced silver.

Cut out; middlemen, cut out high overhead businesses, (you're contributing to their business, staff, insurance and tax costs etc)

We're developing a fair and safe trading environment where you can deal directly - only with other registered Silver members, thereby ensuring you get to see their profile, signature, info about hubs rankings and trade feedback as it evolves - just like a popular auction site, but without the fees!

It's therefore recommended that you start your SilverHubs member trading with buying or selling small amounts, initially with members who have already started to build some trusted profile qualities like;  

  • Good input and conversation on the forums
  • Are known to us/ and interact with SilverHubs admin (we'll be adding an extra verification for members we know & have dealt with directly ourselves)
  • Sharing info, good quality images of silver only items to show they're current and genuine - you can include your name and date within the photographs to show it's recent and genuinely yours
  • Include links to any feedback you might have on other auctions
  • Note your facebook profile so that members can further authenticate you
  • Despatch sale items promptly and well packaged
  • Always use a tracked, insured delivery, Special delivery for all items over £50 value
  • Use PayPal for buyer and seller protection & only deliver to registered PayPal addresses
  • Leave feedback with sales/purchases here on the hubs
Follow our fair trading guidelines and eventually we will all build a well respected trusted silverhubs where we all benefit from fair pricing and fast access to quality silver, dealing direct between buyer and seller.

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