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Thanks for looking at joining SilverHubs, it's good to start out with a quick few words to say hallo'

Anything's fine, just shout out where you're from, maybe what you're looking for, any ideas that spring from your mind? ¬†scribe away ūüôā

Post a quick intro and you'll be on your way to opening up the Hubs for you to enjoy,

anything you're looking to discover on the forums & forums?

It's free to smile and say hello,

Welcome new Hubs members & exchange a few brief words here,


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"Hello new SilverHub'rs"  

The site has evolved from my own experiences investing in precious metals, business and overland travel.

it's a reflection of my own passions for all things metal and hubs since an early age! 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you here and building an exciting worthwhile precious metals & trading community together,

I’d love to hear your thoughts and any feedback about the SilverHubs, feel free to fire away.
Your feedback and views are really appreciated and will positively help us develop the Hubs.
Steve H'

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