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15-Nov-2019 - Trade Silver Hub Price £17.25/oz 999 bullion coins  (physical silver bullion coinage)

SilverMembers trade priced 999 bullion hub
Buyers: you can message to buy from the trade priced batches

Sellers: you can add your own silver sales at the same prices,  higher or lower.

Physical silver available for UK or EU delivery; 10 -100 ounces

Seller: direct from SilverHubs physical stock / Steve Hotson
Verified feedback: +1280 CoinsUKBritannia
Coin / Mint: New Perth Mint 2019 Unc;  1oz .9999 silver bullion Kangaroo coins
Quantity available: 10-100 ounce batches of 1oz silver bullion coins
Supplied in original Mint tubes.
Price/oz: £17.25 / oz
Price/25oz: £431.25 / 25 ounce tube

Delivery: UK Special delivery, insured, at cost: £9 per 25 ounces or £12 / 50ounces 
Payment: UK bank transfer or Paypal invoiced (+3% paypal fee)

Cost / 25 ounce tube: including SD insured UK postage; 25 ounce full Mint tube: £440.25

Message to buy, or add buy note here.  (silver members only)

To add your own silver into the silver pool at this price, you can start a new topic detailing your physical silver for sale,
Copy and paste format as per above.
Any 1oz silver bullion coin types; must be legal tender, official Mint issued silver 1oz coins, i.e Maples, Eagles, Britannia, Kangaroo, Krugerrand etc

* Seller / feedback, whilst your hubs feedback gets established, you can add a link to any current ebay feedback to have.

* price varies daily, in relation to spot, as the Hubs and sales forums evolve, members will determine the best selling prices.
* Individual coins, or varied pricing etc can be entered into any new saleshub topics.





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Stuck bY Guernsey independent  mint LIMITED ISSUE UNC one ounce 0.999 Fine silver coin

Dia 32.00  Weight 31.1035  .999 silver  8 DOUBLES

Tube of 25 coins:  £500


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