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We're often asked which type of silver bullion coins should I buy to get the best value silver ounces / pound?

Generally speaking there's an old adage that 'premium always disappears' when it comes to bullion

  • Buy quality, Mint recognised silver coins at the lowest premium you can find
  • Any official Mint pure .999 silver bullion coins, ideally tax/vat free to get the best price
  • Official Mint silver coins which are legal tender i.e. have a face value in their country of origin which gives them authenticity
  • Added re-sale appeal of lower mintage coinage, but don't overpay the premium to get it, unless you're collecting
  • UK Britannia £2 silver .999 bullion are always popular with UK silver buyers, CGT free - but again be weary of overpaying premiums especially if making gains of around £10k + isn't go to be a real issue for you, it's often as well to look at the more interesting, collectable World Mint coins, or scarcer limited mintage silver, if the price per ounce is attractive.
  • Scrap silver, pre-1920 Sterling silver coinage is .925 silver and always highly desired by both silver stackers and numismatic coin collectors

Silver investment bullion coins we like + include in our trade priced Hub includes:

  1. UK £2 Britannia .999 silver from 2013-2020
  2. SA Mint silver Krugerrand bullion 2017 (first year)  onwards (investment priced bullion was from 2018) 
  3. Perth Mint 1ounce .9999 silver rectangle Dragon bullion bars, has limited mintage and new design each year
  4. Canadian Maple-Leaf 9999 silver, good World renowned bullion coin, added security features make it hard to forge 
  5. USA American 1 ounce silver Eagle, World recognised, low premium in USA but often higher priced in UK/EU
  6. Pert Mint 1ounce pure 9999 silver Kangaroo bullion coin, often amongst the lowest premium bullion coin, good value

All of these silver bullion coins are usually available from our silver classifieds or in the respective regional silver trading hubs, but if you can't find what you're looking for, message us and we will almost certainly know of approved, verified sellers who are looking to sell at good prices, or indeed physical stock on the Silver sales hubs.

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