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Comments & suggestions - how can we help you sell?

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As we develop the SilverHubs further >  we'd love to hear what we might alter or improve to make the facility more useful for YOU?

All comments and suggestions welcomed,

Current top requests from our members, which we're accessing for implementing include:

  • Free buy / sell forum facilities: All members can now access the forums sales Hubs - totally free
  • Facility to add extra selling features as required, without a rolling subscription: use all of the sites extra classified featured sales facilities by simply adding an 'extra 90 items / 90 days sales pack for £15
  • Single 1off Silver membership upgrade  - with no annual subscriptions required

The current free membership has been updated from February 2020 and now enables you to use all of the forums buy / sell facilities free of charge,  (except the GoldHubs)

Upgraded optional sales facilities are also now available on a pay per use basis with no annual subscription necessary for placing sales adverts directly to the sites storefront classified sections, as well as accessing further site facilities as detailed here. which means you can now buy / sell / trade and exchange info totally free on the forum Hubs.

Any further feedback and ideas for what would be helpful to help you discover and better promote and sell your own precious metals is always welcomed as we're building out the sites sales facilities.


 SilverHubs totally free to use the forums and trading buy / sell Hubs. enjoy & please follow the trade smart tips!   

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