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  • Is it possible to buy silver in the UK without paying VAT?

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Found 3 results

  1. Here's a link to our sister site CoinsUK guide to buying VAT free silver coins https://coinsuk.co.uk/guide-to-buying-low-cost-silver-bullion-without-uk-vat
  2. 13/Nov/2019: Current SilverHubs trade price, for 1ounce silver bullion coins is; £17.26 / £172.60 per 10 + postage Whilst the trade Hubs here populate with sellers trade offers, if there's anything you would like to buy from our own promotional silver stock, you can order by either; A/ Contact us / message - to let us know what you're looking to buy & we will confirm prices & delivery options direct with you or (both options are VAT free & provide insured tracked Special delivery to UK & EU) B/ Visit our approved COINSUK secure e-commerce CoinsUK store and buy online Ultimately - the Silver trade Hubs will by their very nature of member-to-member trading, start to undercut even our own low trade prices, since they'll be private sellers who wish to sell at a fair price, which will be far better for them than selling to a spot trade buyer. Also better for the buyer since the Silver Members who are selling here won't be paying any sales % fees and can therefore sell at a fairer price.
  3. Anything UK Silver coins related - fire away & post it here 🙂


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