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  1. Does make me wonder if there is something better than electric available to us though. Lithium isn’t going to last for ever, in the cars or the ground. Technology moves so fast, who knows what will be created or developed as a new fuel.
  2. Ha ha yeah, I’ve already ordered mine 😂 Petrol/Diesel/Electric- Hybrid vehicles IMO provide the functionality and convenience required and they perform environmentally friendly in the areas it’s necessary to be. Retest hmm snap! Though I read that they (Government) are considering having everyone have a refresh course/test for electric vehicles.
  3. These are only concepts but great things come from ideas. All the big motoring manufactures are all thinking electric. Heres an interesting one from Rolls Royce ...as a side, who remembers MiniDiscs? Does anyone else think Electric vehicles could be the next MiniDisc, a technology that was great but to late and overtaken by something new, the digital MP3?
  4. I don’t know if anyone has come across a channel on YouTube called SupercarBlonde? My daughter loves her, and has got a 8 year old girl into motors. She gets access to a lot of concept cars from big companies to review and drive. A lot of electric stuff. Interesting to see the direction these people are heading in - they all seem to incorporating similar ideas.
  5. I saw a funny video on Tesla recently, won’t post it hear - maybe not appropriate but it was one of those micky take eye opener videos. You probably know the type. Elon Musk has done alright though, SpaceX too. At least he appears to be pushing and innovating. The only thing that gets me, is the price £100k (there about) you don’t improve the environment by only letting the wealthy play. It’s an incentive at the minute for Road Tax, low emissions = pay less, but once we are all in them they will tax them too. They’ll have no choice. Roads need funding somehow? like the Chinese bike you mentioned there have been some good examples of effective electric transport. Some things I believe are suppressed for the wrong reasons. Mini now BMW, TVR became Russian and seems to have disappeared, Jaguar Land Rover I believe is still Indian - Tata Motors, Vauxhall is now Peugeot, Rover is Chinese and Rolls Royce is that still BMW too? Still just about manufacturing cars in this country we just don’t have ownership over them anymore. British motor innovation I think is pretty much confined to formula 1 and a like.
  6. I was looking at new cars the other day. I came to the conclusion I’d leave it. I can just see them depreciating in front of my eyes. I’d go electric but the mileage I do life would be hell. Hybrids I feel are a good compromise at the moment but variety is thin, 3 children and a loopy dog I need space! Trades dropped off...hmm wonder why?!! I bet it will pick up again after things have settled down. Everything just boils down to time.
  7. It definitely is and will only increase. I have seen all kinds of blue prints for alternative aviation, will be pretty interesting to see which way they go. Never owned a motorbike but always wanted one. Sounds like a interesting business to be in - and China! Is it popular? It was 2025/35 it’s one of the two! 😂 I did recently read an article about it but the information has obviously escaped me. If it’s 2025 that’s pretty ambitious, especially on the infrastructure side. Im definitely into vehicles - look forward to seeing that!
  8. I think they were popular. Definitely interesting watching them sell out bit by bit...just not for me. One seems to come up with something and the rest follow with their own design. I guess you can’t blame people for wanting to cash in. The choice for the collector in me is overwhelming at times! Themes are sure to tug at people in different ways. QB have been a massive success. The Mint must be happy, they’ve been struggling and I bet it’s given them a boost. I’ve heard roomers of a Kings Beasts...I’m hoping not 😂 personally. Nice collection though, even the bullion ones have been pretty good quality. I almost forgot - looking forward to the next in the Master Engravers. What a run away that was. I own 0 10oz coins, but at some point would love some. I liked the look of the 2018 10oz Valiant but not the 2019. I don’t follow Platinum either but the price was attractive and the mintage was if I recall 150? I’d have to check. As you mentioned though it is like silver used in the motor industry and it’ll be interesting to see where that goes, especially as electric cars are on the way (not that I personally think the technology or practicality is there yet for a decent vehicle. Let alone the production of these vehicles isn’t that environmentally friendly and most of us will charge them up via a Coal Power station! Mini rant over 😂)
  9. I was interested in the new realise from the Royal Mint - the Dinosaur collection but from seeing those this morning I was pretty disappointed. I’d say I’m a bit 50p’d out! I did manage to bag myself a 2020 1/4oz Platinum proof and Gold proof Britannia and I’m excited about receiving those. Quite like to see what the James Bond coins will be like and if the mintages are reasonable. I have already bought a few varieties of the James Bond coins from the Perth Mint. Also, looking forward to the final Queens Beast. ...apart from that generic bullion all the way. Anything gold/silver a CGT Exempt. I buy a lot from Silver to Go, European Mint, GoldSilver.be and occasionally from RMB. I have to say when it comes to bullion I agree with @SteveH and keep it simple. Why we ever left the Gold Standard is beyond me. All the turmoil and shakes that put pressure on fiat currency wouldn’t be as problematic IMO if we were once again tied to gold. I’m no doomsayer but a reset is coming and I wouldn’t want my savings in anything else. (Just my opinion!)
  10. Many people do share that frustration, it can be difficult to get a fair price when you come to part with what is essentially your savings! Thanks Steve, I will keep my peepers peeled!
  11. It would be nice if the bullion Brits followed the designs of the Proof coins for variety (that’s apparently the spice of life), but as @SilverHubs mentioned it’s just bullion. Still a very nice coin.
  12. Not my cup of tea but I can definitely appreciate them. So much detail. They are the kind of thing my kids would love.
  13. Hello, joined on Sunday and only just got round to popping a comment on. I’ve been stacking/collecting silver and gold on and off for the past 18 years and get a lot of enjoyment from it. Cheers! 🙂
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