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  1. Thanks, yes - Dragons started in 2018. Re the 2020 Dragons - I think we won't see those until early 2020 + I've a feeling that all 2020 mintages will be popular. Cut instinct is that 2020 will be a good year for precious metals, right through 2021-22, as the central banks crank up their currency devaluation/fiat money printing. 2020 just looks good on a silver coin 🙂 I'll be actively scouting out the first 2020 Dragon bars (already have sourced some 2020 Britannia on at aprox 20% saving on the Mints prices) Will aim to start a separate topic for 2020 coinage / availability / trade prices.
  2. In my experience, people look for 3 keys things buying silver coins; Authenticity - the legal tender bullion coins from World Mints tick this box, legal tender/coin design/mint tubes - all make them harder to forge, (not that we're seeing much fake silver as yet, but that could change when silver's $50-$100 an ounce! Local Country specific silver, i.e in UK the default is Britannia 999 silver £2, Canada the Maple leaf, USA Eagle etc Collectability, any enhanced premium form scarcity, i.e. desirability Since the Britannia switched form .958 to .999 silver and the Mint went from collectors silver to basically bullion investment silver, there's not really much added collectability value in most of the newer Britannia bullion silver, although certain years and older coins will still get a premium at times. (less so than many retailers will have you believe!) i.e 2013, 2014, 2015 Britannia are still relatively scarcer and can sell for £1-£2 a coin more than a current year. If a collector wants a tube of every year, they're going to happily pay slightly more to add the older years, especially if the silver has been well stored and is still in as Mint condition. There's also the lower mintage privy editors and oriental borders - all command a decent premium with collectors. The Dragon 1 ounce 9999 silver bullion bars are very unusual, in every sense, since they tick all the above boxes and people have really taken to them. They look good, they're an unusual design, minted to a very high quality - in my opinion far far better quality than any bullion the Royal Mint produces AND they're quite a small mintage at just 500k for Worldwide sale. That means there's not many at all reaching the UK shores, compared to the unlimited minted Britannia. I'd say there's no comparison from Dragon bars, to bullion like the Maple, or US Eagle, given the huge mintage volume the Eagles are produced at, not uncommon to see 30,000,000-40million Eagles minted per year, that's 80 X more than Dragons!! Even an older nice 1999 Eagle still had a mintage of over 7million coins, compared to a 1999 UK Britannia just 69,394 that makes a 99Britannia 100times scarcer than the equivalent US Eagle. 2001 even scarcer at just 44816 Britannia v 9million Eagles! You can see why older Britannia fetch a premium. Back to bullion - As silver prices rise, most premiums of all but the most desirable silver coins, will disappear. i.e. imagine a scenario with silver at £50, most silver bullion buyers won't care too much wether they buy say a 2016, 2020, 2030 year coin and it's unlikely that the 2016 will fetch much different to say a 2020 / 2030 etc (forward thinking!) Same rules will apply, buyers will want the trust and authenticity which comes from the genuine legal tender minted coins, as well as buyer/seller trust of course. I think they'll still be modest premiums for the scarcer more unusual coins amongst collectors, the Dragon bars should maintain their desirability. Meanwhile, they look and stack nice 🙂 Final thought, in a declining or static market - having added collectability does also have benefits. Personally, I'm happy paying a premium on the Dragon bars. I also appreciate premiums on older collectable sterling silver or fine graded silver coins. I will do a specific article on various mintages V values Plus add some Dragon bars into the trade Hubs. Hopefully other sellers will start to trade them here as well at some stage (although since they only started minting in 2018, I'd guess most owners are buyers rather than sellers right now!) 2008 Dragons are also quite scarce, you don't see many at all with UK dealers and they certainly are commanding a decent premium.
  3. I've heard of people buying gold in Dubai, I'm guessing they do not tax silver the same as most western Countries? On balance, unless you happen to be out there, it's probably not a huge saving from buying the best priced silver we'll get here. With spot currently close to £14 - that's all most dealers will offer private sellers, hence if you can sell direct and get £15-£17, that will be an attractive increase for some sellers & that's how dealing direct will benefit both buyer and seller. Privately - we should find that this site establishes it's own 'mid price' for standard bullion coinage. Currently around £17.40 for 1ounce .9999 silver bullion coins; * any delivery & payment costs like Paypal, shipping/delivery - always adds a fair amount to silver costs, even shipping within UK. There will always be cheaper silver to be found overseas, especially when you get; A/ closer to the mining source B/ zero or low tax regions But there's always going to be issues carrying it, or transporting into UK, if it's in any volume - they'll be transport costs and some degree of import duty/VAT. Currently our European friends are still a good source, but again - needs to be a reasonable volume to cover shipping costs. All in all, buying from trusted private sellers, or doing trades direct - will be a good way to exchange silver. * above's just examples at current silver prices and is based on standard silver bullion, as apposed to more limited issues or scarcer silver coins etc
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  8. Here's a link to our sister site CoinsUK guide to buying VAT free silver coins https://coinsuk.co.uk/guide-to-buying-low-cost-silver-bullion-without-uk-vat


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