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  1. Evening Steve,great read. Did you mean dragon bars have been minted since 2018 and not 2008 ? Any idea when 2020 dragons will start to show up ?
  2. I suppose for me it’s getting my head round the fact that as an investment it doesn’t matter what type of 1oz silver coin or bar it is, although the dragon bars are nice you are paying a premium.I see on EBay etc that some coins don’t sell so well so I steer away from them when in fact I could be get them for a bargain price.
  3. Does anyone have experience of buying silver/gold while in Dubai,I had a contact last year who would fly to Dubai and bring back 1oz Britannia’s,I was buying them off her for £14 a coin.Not sure if she was flying out specially or just visiting family and recouping costs by bring coins back,wondered how she was buying them for that cost?
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