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    Selection of UK Royal Mint various silver bullion coin tubes holds 20-25 x 1oz coins per tube plus Krugerrand 25 ounce tubes Free for Silver members, (just pay postage) sent as small parcel, or can combine free with any silver coin order. whilst supplies last! * if you're not a SilverHubs member yet, just click the subscribe button and you can sign up totally free using the 3 Months / qtr Free option. For more details about the site and FREE membership click here


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  2. View Advert FREE - Mint silver bullion coin tubes 20-25 oz Selection of UK Royal Mint various silver bullion coin tubes holds 20-25 x 1oz coins per tube plus Krugerrand 25 ounce tubes Free for Silver members, (just pay postage) sent as small parcel, or can combine free with any silver coin order. whilst supplies last! * if you're not a SilverHubs member yet, just click the subscribe button and you can sign up totally free using the 3 Months / qtr Free option. Advertiser SilverHubs Date 01/25/2020 Price Category Accessories  
  3. Here's where we can discuss British silver Hallmarking, share photos and examples of silver marks to help us identify and authenticate collectable, historical and treasured silver pieces. Introduction and overview of silver Hallmarking You can add posts and topics with more details, silver items, questions, pieces you're trying to identify or silverware you own which has good examples of silver marks. Edward I first decreed that all silver must be tested before it departed the hands of workers, thus setting the foundation for Sterling silver marking in 1300 A.D. the Leopard Head and Sterling silver .925 to be the accepted silver standard, the same as used in coinage. From there we have 720 years of silver history, that's a lot of fabulous silver craftsmanship to discover in 2020! Goldsmith Hall London has the first assay responsibilities, hence the advent of the phrase 'Hall marking' Hallmarking assay offices later included Birmingham and Sheffield situated conveniently for the world renowned silver smith and jewellery quarters of England as well as Edinburgh Scotland and Dublin Ireland. Silver marks will typically include a mark to depict; date, maker, purity & assay office. We're used to seeing the Lion passant which typically signifies Sterling silver. Unusually in 1696 the standard for silver was raised and in effect silverware as valued by the UK Pound became more appreciated! as silver content increased to .958 parts per 1000 known as Britannia silver, depicted by a lions head as well as the figure of Britannia. The use of .925 silver did of course survive and is still in common use for jewellery throughout the world today. It is generally accepted that most silverware will be of .925 Sterling Silver, the same purity of silver used for UK coinage up until 1920 when it can be said that Britain significantly devalued the UK Pound Sterling by reducing the purity of silver from .925 down to .500 in British monetary coinage. Both Sterling .925 and Britannia .958 can be found in artisan silver pieces, with Britannia also used in silver coinage. Today there's an evolving desire for an even higher purity of .999 silver, especially for investment purposes in silver bullion coins and bars. The 'other metal' used in silverware production is generally copper, hence Sterling silver will typically contain 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper to give it extra durability,
  4. Hi StackerQueen, Welcome to the Hubs, 💌'your silver work there, we're enjoying the pieces you've made here at the Hubs HQ! Looking forward to seeing more of your new work - hope it starts appearing for sale on the classified sections soon 👍
  5. Have you spotted any unusual silver pieces? Have you discovered any interesting novel ways of collecting silver? We'd love to see them on the Hubs 🙂 you can share them here wether you're looking to sell, buy more! or just showcase your silver collection Here's out own Ernie silver random price drawing machine! @SilverHubs
  6. View Advert Hand poured art & treasure silver bars Have you got any Hand poured silver bullion bars? you'd like to sell, or do you produce hand poured silver treasures? .925 or .999 silver Join us to showcase on the SilverHubs where you can place free classified adverts which will also automatically link to the silver treasures forum topics Hand poured silver businesses can also link directly to their own silver sales site Here's a couple from our own stack, lovely bars from StackerQueen 🙂 Advertiser SilverHubs Date 01/20/2020 Price Category Silver bars  
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    Have you got any Hand poured silver bullion bars? you'd like to sell, or do you produce hand poured silver treasures? .925 or .999 silver Join us to showcase on the SilverHubs where you can place free classified adverts which will also automatically link to the silver treasures forum topics Hand poured silver businesses can also link directly to their own silver sales site Here's a couple from our own stack, lovely bars from StackerQueen 🙂


  8. Gold has held major support at $1550 well this week, is the much anticipated breakout to the $1600's coming soon? and will we see gold heading back towards it's all time highs in US$? since it's already surpassed its previous record highs in most other major currencies! When will we see $2000 gold ?
  9. Lots of news hitting the precious metals markets that Platinum is making it's come back! Hindsights a wonderful thing - it certainly looked good value in the mid £600's and has formed a nice looking consolidating bowl on the charts. Could Platinum make a suitable replacement for some of Palladiums industrial uses? and help propel it much higher? Who's collecting Platinum ? guess we need a classifieds section for selling Platinum?
  10. Who'd have thought that Palladium would set the record all time high for precious metals! Did you see that coming? Just shows what these metals can do once demand in the real physical markets lifts of and takes over from the paper short sellers grasps! Imagine where silver can go once it becomes popular! what's your thoughts?
  11. Gold has been holding major support at $1550 this week, is the much anticipated breakout to the $1600's coming soon?
  12. (Kitco News) - Can gold prices see more gains next week? Analysts are optimistic on gold, which is looking strong despite the rallying stock market. View the full article
  13. The Royal Mint are reporting that they have brokered a sale of the highest record price for a British coin, a rare 1937 Edward VIII Sovereign. That's £125,313 per gram of gold + change! from my calculation, not bad appreciation for a £1 coin! Or is it! perhaps you've got an even more valuable British coin tucked away in your collection? Which gold coin would you prefer to own, given a £1 Million budget? or $1,300,000
  14. (Kitco News) - The palladium futures market is on fire, hitting a record high on Friday and nearing $2,300 an ounce. Rising demand and limited supply are the two main elements that fuel major bull runs in any market. View the full article
  15. SILVERS ADDED VALUE MONETARY USE Silver’s everyday monetary use to shine bright once again. Bullion 1 ounce silver coins – the perfect monetary unit of trade & exchange Once upon a time, there was a World where people gained wealth by producing real things which created value and captured a wealth which was directly related to the energy people expended. SILVER AG. CIRCULATING BULLION COINAGE Silver bullion coins were the prefect medium for quantifying and transferring energy derived wealth between people – conducting trade with a real valuable precious commodity which was easy to value, divide, transact and exchange between traders. Today the World still produces a unit of solid silver monetary exchange; the 1 ounce solid silver bullion coin in pure .999 silver which is issued by most of the Worlds official Mints in their own national currencies. The problem when it comes to using them in everyday trade, is that they just aren’t promoted by the government Mints, as money! They’re promoted to simply be placed in boxes and stored, like gold, back underground! In reality, relatively few people even know they exist let alone how to acquire and value them. Silver coins just aren’t promoted as circulating coinage anymore. Instead, we’re encouraged by the issuers of ‘fiat currencies’ to trade with debt derived paper notes or digitally created claims. These artificial faith derived units of paper promises derived from debt are basically what the bulk of the Worlds populations have been brain washed into working for, we all exchange our time, our energy, our health for an artificially derived unit of so called currency. In reality we’re all becoming slaves to the central banks and issuers of debt derived monetary promissory notes – ‘modern fiat currencies’. True, in order to help sell their perceived value, governments print a picture of someone famous, or perhaps a head of state, which is meant to add to the appeal of why we would exchange our time and energy to work for them. WHAT REWARDS DO WE WORK FOR? real silver money – pure 9999 silver bullion monetary coins Are our current units of money really efficient and fair reward for exchanging our time on this planet? Trust and faith are 2 key attributes which humans have a tendency to slant towards in relation to who and what they’ll work for. Governments have huge publicity machines, including their own ability to print currency at will, which creates an immense dilution that central bank issued currencies are the only thing we should exchange our lives for! In the precious metals market trust and faith is equally very difficult to earn for any bullion refinery or mint. It evolves after decades of trusted consistency in terms of quality and continuity. For these reasons, the silver bullion coins which are still used by the Worlds official government Mint are perfectly placed to be used as trusted forms of tradable units of real value ‘real money’ Out of all of the silver bullion coins issued Worldwide today, there’s a few that have a global trusted identity which could be used in everyday circulating trade, easily recognised and valued. The most recent being the iconic Krugerrand coin which in it’s gold version is trusted and recognised the world over and I am certain that the silver bullion version will go a long way towards increasing trust and awareness in the silver bullion trading landscape. There’s every reason today for making a return to using trusted silver legal tender coins for trade and everyday transactions, just as their was in the realms of the Roman empire. There has always been a human trusted perception of value in money which comes from the earth in very finite limited supply, ‘precious metal’ or natures true money; gold and silver. The current experiment with using our new found ability to ‘educate’ populations on mass to accept bank printed notes as a form of monetary value seems so far removed from the human condition it’s so ridiculous, people believe it must be real money because our leaders print recognisable portraits on the paper and convince us all to exchange our time and skills for these paper promises! But when did you last hold a modern paper unit of debt (modern fiat currency note) in your hand and marvel at the natural beauty, store of value and energy it retains for you!? Hold a one ounce solid bullion 999 silver coin in your hand, give it to a friend, show it to anyone in any corner of the World and they’ll recognise that it holds a certain value which is not readerly artificially recreated – silver bullion coins hold a true quantifiable store of energy, it’s the production and use of energy which mankind traditionally exchanges time for. The World renowned bullion Krugerrand – now in silver bullion So, why as a society have we forgotten how to trade and appreciated precious metals to the extent that they’re rarely used in everyday trade? Amongst many, here’s 3 reasons; 1. Governments find it easier to manage and tax populations by controlling their access to units of money. 2. Governments and the elite wealthy bankers much prefer getting everyone to work for a unit of currency which they can control and have unique access to create, giving themselves a cut of every transaction. 3. People have become lazy in a digital age, it’s just easy to accept the norm and become excited and satisfied by digital diodes on a screen – in reality that’s what most humans are working for today! How can we instil some positive change – freedom, independence and self control back into how we choose to transact with our fellow humans? Simple – make a start by insisting that we have some control of our own money, work and trade with money which is truly limited in supply and has both intrinsic and appreciating value, money which is not simply a liability to repay someone else’s debt. There does exist such a true form of legal tender silver coinage, we simple have to re-align our knowledge to regain the faith to learn how to recognise and use real silver money once again! We can use digital technology, our smart phones and online platforms to make recognising, trusting and valuing silver coins both easy and intuitive once again. SOLID SILVER IS IMMENSELY RARE Silver bullion coins are pure 999 parts per thousand precious silver. They are minted in significant quantities that they can be used in everyday trade, once we all make the effort to appreciate them. Silver has been recently valued around a 60th / 1 gold, although more historically it was aligned at 16/1. Today, through the bankers ability to artificially create and trade ‘paper derivatives or forward contracts for theoretical bullion’ they have managed to suppress the ratios into historically slewed realms of 70 or even as we speak, the silver futures contracts have been traded down beyond 80/1. Whereas silver’s true value in the earths crust is today just 11 parts / to 1 part gold. In real monetary terms silver is actually in scarcer supply than gold, in that pretty much all of the silver mined throughout the history of man-kind has been used, or consumed. Whereas pretty much all of the gold every mined throughout 4000 years of mankind, still exists today, in some physical form. Using silver bullion enables us to take responsibility – improve our self awareness, we become more independent and resourceful. Join & discuss on SilverHubs silver barter forum Rely on yourself – you don’t want to be anybody else’s liability!
  16. Silver bullion legal tender coins to pay for goods and exchange for services SILVER 1OZ BULLION COINS IN EVERYDAY TRADE PAY BY SILVER 1oz Silver bullion coins – Mint bullion coins to be the benchmark silver money: Silver 1ounce coins: USA Eagle, Canada Maple-Leaf, SA Krugerrand, UK Britannia, Mexico Libertad, Austria Philharmonic, Perth 1oz coins & bars Retailers – benefits for accepting silver coinage Additional source of money and demand coming into their stores and markets. Bolding silver monetary coinage which has the ability to retain and appreciate in value Merchants can offer certain coinage to retail sale directly themselves at a small premium, or re-exchange to other merchants, or sell bulk silver to our approved trade buyers Less perishable form of currency Increased buyer interest, especially in artisan type businesses Public & silver coin holder benefits Using a real physical precious metal bullion coin – the feel and pleasure of holding and transacting with solid silver Ability to transact in their own units of silver currency outside the e-banking system Potential appreciation & price stability of silver coinage More general acceptance and choice for using their silver, which in turn will create greater silver demand from the coin and investment sector. Rising demand and awareness for the silver industry creates upward price pressure and helps price stability SILVER MONEY As silver bullion price rises, it encourages more physical usage, thus more awareness & demand. To find out more get in touch to help get this mission in action. SILVERHUBS The SilverHubs system will be a great benefit to anyone involved in the silver industry, including coin dealers, Mints, wholesale, silver miners as well as silver stackers who just love to see a return to silver bullion coinage being used as everyday spendable money. The App, Hubs platform, marketing and development is currently all a private initiative, being funded and explored by SilverHubs, with a mission to see a return to the use of more real money in everyday trade, using physical silver bullion coins to help encourage a common sense approach to how we use and appreciate money, benefiting everyone who appreciates ‘sound money’ rather than simply transacting with artificial constantly depreciating ‘fiat currencies’ which mainly benefit the banking systems over everyday citizens. If you are interested in helping support this project I’d love to hear from you please get in touch – You could also directly help in the development and adaption of the SilverHubs principles by helping with ideas, resources and awareness – as well as any sponsorship in order to help get this project into a large scale working action sooner than later!
  17. (Kitco News) - Despite missile strikes, oil market turmoil, along with ongoing impeachment proceedings, major U.S. stock market indices continue to make all-time highs as waves of liquidity continue to wash traders cares away. View the full article
  18. Safe trading for precious metals buyers and sellers Good practice before you trade with anyone you don't already know and trust is to do some research and use common sense. Aim to do business with people who have a clear track record, you know are trust worthy, have good trading reputations and provide their contact details openly. Checking a persons trading feedback on one or more sites is a good foundation to gauge their reputation and integrity. Look for multiple, un-biased, detailed feedback from independent sources. SilverHubs have a feedback facility which can only be accessed by registered, paid silver members, for member to member trading feedback. You can also check a members forum and hubs reputation along with a detailed look through their posting style, content and contribution to forums etc. Silver members can also include links to third party web sites, forums, businesses or social media in their profile. Business sellers are required to accurately identify themselves and include their trading name and contact details in their profile. (you should still conduct your own diligence to ascertain who you are dealing with). Sellers on SilverHubs can also provide links to any other feedback and profiles from other sales channels, auctions, social media, which can be another good way to authentic sellers who you are unsure about. Buyers safer trading tips Get to know the buyer/seller, ask questions like; where did they buy the items? do they have a receipt of which they could send you a copy to at least verify their name and first line of address? can you exchange contact phone numbers or a social media link. If a seller is dishonest or trying to sell fake items, they may appear more hesitant than usual to exchange contact details! Will they use Paypal and could you do an initial small value test transaction - that can be a good way to give both parties access to each others identity which has been verified by a third party. Even if you do not ultimately intend to use Paypal for your full transaction it can be a good way to weed out any fraudsters. Be weary if a seller requests a pre-payment or any strange forms of payment requests, especially when posting overseas or to unknown/un-verified sellers. When using Paypal always deal through their site rather than emails or third party sites. Check the transaction is protected and shipping address totally matches the persons verified Paypal address. Never agree shipping to none verified addresses. Only use the Paypal friends/family option - if you are genuinely dealing with friends or family, otherwise you will have little protection on your transaction. Once you become friends and regular buyer/sellers with a trusted member, you might then be more appropriate to use the friends payment option. Use private messaging within platforms like the SilverHubs members messaging facilities. We do not recommend using your private email unless you are a business, have a public profile or are dealing with someone you know and trust. Ask specific questions about the items, most sellers should know the finer details of what they're selling! If they are genuinely selling a collection from a friend/family member, ask to verify this from a third party. You could also ask to see any other buyers/dealers valuations to further clarify the seller and collection details. Once you know who you are dealing with, look to further verify that they are who they say they are. You could ask for references from other buyers/sellers, or do a Google search to try identifying the seller & any relevant history. Look for (and double check) any feedback from the SilverHubs feedback facility, along with any other sites. Checking the persons forum posts can often give an impression of their trust and mannerism. Are they open with their knowledge and do they give an indication of where they are based, or any links provided to their identity? You can ask friends, trade or other site members for their opinions and feedback. Sales items Use common sense when purchasing precious metals coins and bars. If the price is too good to be true, significantly below the current market price for the precious metal, it should raise alarm bells. Dealing with silver or gold coins issued by an official Mint or from a reputable dealer is a good way to ensure that you are able to more easily authenticate the items are genuine. Look for traders references and feedback, if possible from multiple sources. Dealers who are openly willing to re-buy precious metals and who publish buy/sell prices can add extra re-assurance for authenticity, but that doesn't necessarily ensure you are going to get the fairest prices! Meeting sellers Firstly, providing you take sensible common sense precautions, there shouldn’t be anything inherently wrong with meeting buyer to seller in person, it is after all our much of our daily lives are conducted! If you know the person, have already done business and verified their identity, then meeting in person is really a good way for both parties to verify both side of the transaction; goods and payment. Choose sensible times and public or verified business places to meet and all should be fine. Just because you want to sell a £$500 gold coin doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is out to rob you! in fact you’re probably at more risk with $100 notes in your wallet wandering through many of the Worlds busiest tourist hot spots! Obvious caution should be taken with meeting sellers of precious metals, if it’s a stranger or person who you haven’t already been doing business with. Precautions meeting sellers you might like to take; Meet at registered public premises where you know other members of the public will be frequenting. Meet in daylight and places that have CCTV If meeting at a residential property, be accompanied and advise friends/family of your schedule. Also ensure that you have verified the person you are meeting and their address. If in any doubt, ask to see some proof of address and I.D before you meet, look to verify that with third parties and then re-check I.D when you meet. Businesses trading precious metals in certain parts of the Word including UK have an obligation to seek buyers identities when certain thresholds are reached. (easy to check and keep up to date with current formalities and procedures online) Checking, authenticating and Inspecting precious metals There's heaps of valuable well researched information about coin types and specifications available by searching the web, along with professional traders and numismatic organisations which are a good place to start familiarising yourself with precious metals. After which there is simple no better substitute than holding and visually inspecting the goods yourself! Some basic precious metals tests Magnet test: Gold and silver are not magnetic and should not be attracted to / stick to magnets. Not foolproof in itself, since coatings can be applied to fakes tricking the test, so use this as just a starting point to further visual checks. Weights / dimensions: Official minted coins and bars have very fine, specific size and weights. Familiarise yourself with them and then check the items using A/ a size checking device like a calliper or pre-sized coin tester. B/ weight using an accurate coin scale. Once you’ve owned several coins you will soon be familiar with their characteristics weight, look, sound, size and can then use a known genuine coin to compare with any new coins. Sound / Ping test: Gold and silver have a unique ping when tapped. If the sound is dull or more of a metal thud sound, chances are it is a fake. In the case of silver coins, after holding/pinging genuine silver, you can usually quickly tell just by the weight/feel and sound of a silver 1ounce bullion coin if it’s the real deal! genuine silver. There are more sophisticated devices for testing precious metals and if you have doubts about an items authenticity, especially in the case of higher valued gold bullion, you can seek the advice of a professional appraiser, valuer or numismatic associate.
  19. (Kitco News) - Palladium has posted the highest price per ounce ever of the four main precious metals, with analysts citing a tightening market with a strong demand for use in catalytic converters. View the full article
  20. (Kitco News) - View the full article
  21. (Kitco News) - Gold and silver prices are moderately higher in early U.S. futures trading Friday. View the full article
  22. I guess their thinking may be that the standard Britannia is now their 1oz bullion investment piece and they're then looking to still appeal to the coin collector market by introducing various different designs and privy versions. Royal Mint must have a huge staff bill and overheads to service. They need to be constantly developing and creating to product lines to maintain their interest and sales. Britannia in a pure 999 bullion does seem to be holding investors interest, no pun intended! better than the high street banks pun intended!
  23. (Kitco News) - Gold and silver prices are modestly down in midday U.S. futures trading Thursday. View the full article
  24. (Kitco News) - Credit Suisse looks for gold to “perform well” in 2020, although the Swiss bank doesn’t look for quarterly average prices to stray far from current levels. View the full article
  25. (Kitco News) - Gold and silver prices are modestly up in early U.S. futures trading Thursday. View the full article
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