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  1. What’s best to trade in gold or silver 

    1. SilverHubs


      I'd say silver is the better buy right now, if you can get it at the right price.  Gold has risen a lot the past year, whereas silver has lagged a bit (as it often does) - silver is still cheaply priced, historically, compared to gold.  e.g 
      ounce of physical gold currently aprox; £1225
      ounce of physical silver currently aprox; £17-£20  (lower in bulk)

      Both are more longer term, more a store of wealth / savings,  unless you're well experienced in commodities trading.

      Gold V Silver - always changing as well, depended on market forces, sentiments, business cycles etc

      Good to post in the Hubs forums, everyone will have their own views👍

  2. SILVERS ADDED VALUE MONETARY USE Silver’s everyday monetary use to shine bright once again. Bullion 1 ounce silver coins – the perfect monetary unit of trade & exchange Once upon a time, there was a World where people gained wealth by producing real things which created value and captured a wealth which was directly related to the energy people expended. SILVER AG. CIRCULATING BULLION COINAGE Silver bullion coins were the prefect medium for quantifying and transferring energy derived wealth between people – conducting trade with a real valuable precious commodity which was easy to value, divide, transact and exchange between traders. Today the World still produces a unit of solid silver monetary exchange; the 1 ounce solid silver bullion coin in pure .999 silver which is issued by most of the Worlds official Mints in their own national currencies. The problem when it comes to using them in everyday trade, is that they just aren’t promoted by the government Mints, as money! They’re promoted to simply be placed in boxes and stored, like gold, back underground! In reality, relatively few people even know they exist let alone how to acquire and value them. Silver coins just aren’t promoted as circulating coinage anymore. Instead, we’re encouraged by the issuers of ‘fiat currencies’ to trade with debt derived paper notes or digitally created claims. These artificial faith derived units of paper promises derived from debt are basically what the bulk of the Worlds populations have been brain washed into working for, we all exchange our time, our energy, our health for an artificially derived unit of so called currency. In reality we’re all becoming slaves to the central banks and issuers of debt derived monetary promissory notes – ‘modern fiat currencies’. True, in order to help sell their perceived value, governments print a picture of someone famous, or perhaps a head of state, which is meant to add to the appeal of why we would exchange our time and energy to work for them. WHAT REWARDS DO WE WORK FOR? real silver money – pure 9999 silver bullion monetary coins Are our current units of money really efficient and fair reward for exchanging our time on this planet? Trust and faith are 2 key attributes which humans have a tendency to slant towards in relation to who and what they’ll work for. Governments have huge publicity machines, including their own ability to print currency at will, which creates an immense dilution that central bank issued currencies are the only thing we should exchange our lives for! In the precious metals market trust and faith is equally very difficult to earn for any bullion refinery or mint. It evolves after decades of trusted consistency in terms of quality and continuity. For these reasons, the silver bullion coins which are still used by the Worlds official government Mint are perfectly placed to be used as trusted forms of tradable units of real value ‘real money’ Out of all of the silver bullion coins issued Worldwide today, there’s a few that have a global trusted identity which could be used in everyday circulating trade, easily recognised and valued. The most recent being the iconic Krugerrand coin which in it’s gold version is trusted and recognised the world over and I am certain that the silver bullion version will go a long way towards increasing trust and awareness in the silver bullion trading landscape. There’s every reason today for making a return to using trusted silver legal tender coins for trade and everyday transactions, just as their was in the realms of the Roman empire. There has always been a human trusted perception of value in money which comes from the earth in very finite limited supply, ‘precious metal’ or natures true money; gold and silver. The current experiment with using our new found ability to ‘educate’ populations on mass to accept bank printed notes as a form of monetary value seems so far removed from the human condition it’s so ridiculous, people believe it must be real money because our leaders print recognisable portraits on the paper and convince us all to exchange our time and skills for these paper promises! But when did you last hold a modern paper unit of debt (modern fiat currency note) in your hand and marvel at the natural beauty, store of value and energy it retains for you!? Hold a one ounce solid bullion 999 silver coin in your hand, give it to a friend, show it to anyone in any corner of the World and they’ll recognise that it holds a certain value which is not readerly artificially recreated – silver bullion coins hold a true quantifiable store of energy, it’s the production and use of energy which mankind traditionally exchanges time for. The World renowned bullion Krugerrand – now in silver bullion So, why as a society have we forgotten how to trade and appreciated precious metals to the extent that they’re rarely used in everyday trade? Amongst many, here’s 3 reasons; 1. Governments find it easier to manage and tax populations by controlling their access to units of money. 2. Governments and the elite wealthy bankers much prefer getting everyone to work for a unit of currency which they can control and have unique access to create, giving themselves a cut of every transaction. 3. People have become lazy in a digital age, it’s just easy to accept the norm and become excited and satisfied by digital diodes on a screen – in reality that’s what most humans are working for today! How can we instil some positive change – freedom, independence and self control back into how we choose to transact with our fellow humans? Simple – make a start by insisting that we have some control of our own money, work and trade with money which is truly limited in supply and has both intrinsic and appreciating value, money which is not simply a liability to repay someone else’s debt. There does exist such a true form of legal tender silver coinage, we simple have to re-align our knowledge to regain the faith to learn how to recognise and use real silver money once again! We can use digital technology, our smart phones and online platforms to make recognising, trusting and valuing silver coins both easy and intuitive once again. SOLID SILVER IS IMMENSELY RARE Silver bullion coins are pure 999 parts per thousand precious silver. They are minted in significant quantities that they can be used in everyday trade, once we all make the effort to appreciate them. Silver has been recently valued around a 60th / 1 gold, although more historically it was aligned at 16/1. Today, through the bankers ability to artificially create and trade ‘paper derivatives or forward contracts for theoretical bullion’ they have managed to suppress the ratios into historically slewed realms of 70 or even as we speak, the silver futures contracts have been traded down beyond 80/1. Whereas silver’s true value in the earths crust is today just 11 parts / to 1 part gold. In real monetary terms silver is actually in scarcer supply than gold, in that pretty much all of the silver mined throughout the history of man-kind has been used, or consumed. Whereas pretty much all of the gold every mined throughout 4000 years of mankind, still exists today, in some physical form. Using silver bullion enables us to take responsibility – improve our self awareness, we become more independent and resourceful. Join & discuss on SilverHubs silver barter forum Rely on yourself – you don’t want to be anybody else’s liability!
  3. Silver bullion legal tender coins to pay for goods and exchange for services SILVER 1OZ BULLION COINS IN EVERYDAY TRADE PAY BY SILVER 1oz Silver bullion coins – Mint bullion coins to be the benchmark silver money: Silver 1ounce coins: USA Eagle, Canada Maple-Leaf, SA Krugerrand, UK Britannia, Mexico Libertad, Austria Philharmonic, Perth 1oz coins & bars Retailers – benefits for accepting silver coinage Additional source of money and demand coming into their stores and markets. Bolding silver monetary coinage which has the ability to retain and appreciate in value Merchants can offer certain coinage to retail sale directly themselves at a small premium, or re-exchange to other merchants, or sell bulk silver to our approved trade buyers Less perishable form of currency Increased buyer interest, especially in artisan type businesses Public & silver coin holder benefits Using a real physical precious metal bullion coin – the feel and pleasure of holding and transacting with solid silver Ability to transact in their own units of silver currency outside the e-banking system Potential appreciation & price stability of silver coinage More general acceptance and choice for using their silver, which in turn will create greater silver demand from the coin and investment sector. Rising demand and awareness for the silver industry creates upward price pressure and helps price stability SILVER MONEY As silver bullion price rises, it encourages more physical usage, thus more awareness & demand. To find out more get in touch to help get this mission in action. SILVERHUBS The SilverHubs system will be a great benefit to anyone involved in the silver industry, including coin dealers, Mints, wholesale, silver miners as well as silver stackers who just love to see a return to silver bullion coinage being used as everyday spendable money. The App, Hubs platform, marketing and development is currently all a private initiative, being funded and explored by SilverHubs, with a mission to see a return to the use of more real money in everyday trade, using physical silver bullion coins to help encourage a common sense approach to how we use and appreciate money, benefiting everyone who appreciates ‘sound money’ rather than simply transacting with artificial constantly depreciating ‘fiat currencies’ which mainly benefit the banking systems over everyday citizens. If you are interested in helping support this project I’d love to hear from you please get in touch – You could also directly help in the development and adaption of the SilverHubs principles by helping with ideas, resources and awareness – as well as any sponsorship in order to help get this project into a large scale working action sooner than later!
  4. Where to sell silver coins without sellers fees In times of rising costs and monetary devaluation buying silver bullion coins can look a good investment whilst silver spot prices are at a historically low gold to silver ratio, but don’t forget that in order to realise the best possible return on your silver investment you will also need to discover how and where to re-sell your silver bullion coins for the best prices without incurring selling costs and commissions! Places to sell silver coins & bars Traditionally coin sellers might consider one of the following sales methods, alongside which we have highlighted some of the pros and cons; Sell coins to a coin dealer = coin shops and online dealers will generally offer a fairly low spot price based trade value, typically between 95-100% spot, but usually with little or no additional retail premium. i.e. You might not be offered a price which represents a fair retail sales price for your silver, gold, bullion and investment coin collection. Having said that, we should also consider that if you are looking for the fastest possible sale for instant cash, then the dealer is providing a valued service whereby you might be happy to sacrifice getting the best price, for speed of payment and reassurance of getting a fast sale. Professional reputable coin dealers should usually offer a fair additional premium for any added collectability or numismatic value, although in the case of the more recent .999 bullion coins, rounds and bullion bars issued over the last decade, you can expect close to spot price from most dealers. Selling coins privately through an online auction can be a good way to discover the retail market price Cons: selling fees can typically range 5-10% which you would need to pay after the sale for every coin listing. You should also factor for payment fees like Paypal which are typically around 2.9%. Auctions also tend to restrict you from striking a deal directly with buyers which can mean that you are locked in to their own sales platform and pay a percentage commission on every single coin sale. It can also be time consuming listing multiple coins, photographing collections and placing individual sales listing details, although with a little care this can be time well spent however you choose to sell your coin collection! Social media sales like facebook etc has limited specialised silver buyers and coin collector traffic. Each coin sale listing also tends to quickly get lost in an un-helpful listing style of constantly scrolling listings, i.e. there is usually no specific coin type menus and categories which can often make it difficult for buyers to find what’s being offered for sale. SilverHubs trading silver fast and easy coin selling facilities with 0% sell fee The SilverHubs silver trade community enables you to select one simple low cost annual listing membership which then allows you to use the entire sites sales facilities to sell as many coins and silver bullion bars as you want, without the need to make further payments, or incur any direct selling costs for each sale. SilverHubs also enable you to quickly list your coins for sale using our fast duel listing tools which automatically posts your sale items onto both classified listings and the UK silver forums so that you gain maximum sales exposure. Other free coin re-selling facilities on the SilverHubs platform include; FAST & FREE profile Registration SilverHubs New metals forums, silver insights, offers and articles growing daily through 2020 Fast worldwide data servers deliver secure browsing & precious metals information securely at high speed Open unbiased information and forum knowledge sharing is always free Access to silver trade experience Free and Confidential members user profiles Discover great silver deals, treasures & scarce items from around the World Low cost annual SILVER HUBS membership Classified for sale & wanted adverts, free 30 day listings 0% selling fees means you keep more cash, actually you keep all of your cash! when you sell on SilverHubs Trading members feedback – buyers & sellers trust silver members who build positive feedback Secure private messaging & photo storage Signature message in posts & ability to link to your own private web site or online blog Your own online classifieds e-store for free sale listings to sell your precious metals, gold, bullion & silver coins. How do the costs compare for selling silver coins? Here are two typical examples of coin selling formats, based on selling GB£500 pounds worth of silver coins, which equates to approximately one full Mint tube of 25 ounces silver bullion coins at a retail value of around £20 per 1ounce coin; A/ Online auction sale, typically have fee’s of 10% of the sale and 2.9% Paypal fee = £65 costs per sale! Verses SilverHubs zero coin selling fees for silver members – you would simple pay an annual private membership and selling license of: £35 total with unlimited selling limits. You can sell 10x or 100x more anytime throughout the year and still pay the same fixed cost. B/ Sell 25 ounces of bullion to a coin dealer, based on silver spot price aprox £15 / ounce = 25 x £15: returns you £375, i.e. you loose aprox £125 of the retail value, by selling to a trade dealer. V SilverHubs zero % fee = you can sell at or close to retail price and retain the full selling price yourself, less any Paypal fee if you opt to accept that payment method, which is not compulsory when you sell at SilverHubs. Make your own direct silver and precious metals trading connections, conducting sales and business directly between coin buyers and sellers: is positively banned on most online auction sites because they have a desire to keep your business locked into their platform. Whereas at SilverHubs we positively encourage building trusted direct trading partnerships; that’s the way for you to retain all of the sales price yourself, whilst building connections who you know and trust. VAT Free silver coin sales Browse the classified sales listings where you will find a comprehensive selection of silver coins and collectables. We partner with coin dealers and private sellers to search out a wide range of both new and secondary sale, pre-owned silver coins enabling you to benefit from our experience matching fair pricing, low margins with VAT free sourced silver to give UK coin buyers access to reliable, trusted suppliers of fine quality official Mint produced silver coins at fair trade prices. We partner with the silver trade and authenticated, trusted retail silver coin sellers to help you source your silver coins at low prices. We’re a small lean business which means small overheads and an efficient way for you to cut out the middle men and get your silver coins directly from authenticated sellers.
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    SELL YOUR OWN SILVER BRITANNIA COINS SilverHubs have silver buyers looking to buy all pre-owned silver bullion coins, including; 1oz Britannia 999 silver bullion coins, 2013 onwards Sell your own coins at SilverHubs, dealing directly buyer/seller, fee free. To sell your coins, simply register on the site and contact us @SilverHubs


  6. One of the first things that we all add up as we're about to go travelling is - what’s it going to cost £$€ - and how will I pay for it? As an international traveller, by default you need to be an international currency trader! What is money? worth exploring further > Money, or ‘currency’ is basically cheap! It's cheap to produce! Most of the currency we use today is created by either digital key-stroke on a computer, it’s literally typed into existence! or, it’s printed by a few select private organisations around the world who are allowed to print currency using relatively cheap paper stock. On the other hand, we all know that physically creating wealth is often far from easy. Link those two aspects together and what it shows is that real creation of money and wealth is really the creation of something of real value, i.e. not necessarily currency ‘often referred to as money’, What’s more important as a traveller, is having an ‘exchange value’ or a barter. Throughout history, gold and silver were the real physical elements used for real monetary exchange. I can tell you from experience travelling around the World, people do prefer something real and physical and more valuable than paper currency, or ‘fiat money’ Things that you use, hard assets, real valuable items that other people will gain real value from. Costs of creating money Source 1 private banks get to create it, on behalf of governments. These private banks get to add the first profit margin onto the new pretend money they create, (print or digitise into existence) Generally modern money, digital or printed is created by issuing debt. You or I go get a loan from a private bank, they create the currency and thus create the first tier of ‘money cost’ or ‘interest’ All aspects of money creation bear a cost of creation, as well as a profit margin for handling. As consumers and travellers, we’re quite a way down the pecking order in terms of what we pay for obtaining our money! Big banks get the cheapest money, often for free! or even as at 2019 certain Countries are able to create money at zero or minus cost, as in one organisation will lend a foreign bank money, in Europe or Japan and in return they’ll actually receive less money back, when they come to cash their bond than they paid for the bond, (a lending instrument) That’s basically referred to as zero, or negative interest! These banks then get to gamble with the new money. Some of the newly printed currency gets lent to other smaller banks, at a slight profit and some gets lent to businesses and private individuals at a higher profit! Travellers money, often gets re-packaged into ‘money products’ like convenient plastic cards, foreign currency notes, travel cheques, which all tend to incur a cost of creation, a cost of re-sale plus a cost of exchange, or cashing out. As a World traveller, you’ll notice this when you come to buy your currency as well as when you come to re-cash it, or exchange it for some other form of currency, goods or services. You might not always notice it, but often those extra costs will be buried into an ‘exchange rate’. You might see signs like ‘zero commission’ but that doesn’t mean the money changer isn’t making his commission from the exchange rate! Imagine if there were ways to eliminate or vastly reduce the ways of obtaining and exchanging our travel money. Fortunately today, there’s lots of alternative ways of carrying foreign currency, or indeed our own internal national currency. All currencies incur different levels of costs and risks, some of which I will summarise below. Exchanging something real, of real value can be a great way to carry and transfer our wealth from place to place. If we think of wealth as the ability to create something of true value and purpose to another person. This might be things like, helping with jobs in return for somewhere to stay. Basically trading our own time and labour, for that of other peoples. This arks back to early days, when much of the exchange of trade and value was conducted at ground level, face to face, by barter. It’s the core of value and still something that can be used throughout the World today, which doesn’t incur any third party costs of profit margins from banks, money creators and currency lenders! There’s possibly a reason that Jesus chastised the money lenders in biblical times! Extra currency trivia Natural state of the World - is to save, be frugal, be cautious. It’s deflationary, so why are central banks hell bent on creating inflation AND telling us it's a problem if we don't have sufficient inflation! 2% inflation seems to be the central bank cartels holy grail. Technology generates efficiency which in turn saves money. High levels of debt - stutter growth and money circulation, as is the case today US$ money supply went up from $800 billion, to $4.2 trillion in 10 years, whilst the turn-over, or way that money circulates dropped so who got all of this freshly fiat created money? to be continued . . . . 2020 Meanwhile, owning your own precious metals, physical gold and silver means you're placing at least part of your own wealth and created value outside of the banking system, you are in effect your own central bank! and liable to no-one but yourself.
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    CoinsUK Britannia - are currently on back order SilverHubs members can contact us to pre-order: Contact: @SilverHubs 2020 Britannia coin selling price ranges may vary daily 25 ounces £29.75 10+ 1ounce silver coins, supplied in protective coin sleeves or 25 ounces supplied in new UK Mint tube FREE UK insured Special delivery Payments: secure online banking, or for Paypal SilverHubs Members Contact: @SilverHubs


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  8. How to reduce your silver coin stacking costs by paying less VAT or even go VAT free to buy and sell your silver! Is it possible to buy silver in the UK without paying VAT? Short answer; yes! Business sellers generally charge VAT, but that doesn’t mean private stackers & silver coin buyers have to pay the extra tax! Private coin & silver bullion sellers do not have to charge VAT which means there’s an obvious advantage buying silver on the secondary market if you want to find the lowest cost per ounce of silver. Does secondary market mean lower grade second hand silver? Not at all, in fact given the investment nature of silver bullion, most silver holders tend to keep their silver safely stored away, just like new. It’s not like buying an electric car, watch or phone which are all going to gradually wear out and usually depreciate over time, whereas silver bullion is solid money, it’s a monetary store of value (amongst many other things) although it may show some signs of a natural tarnish or toning, this has no negative effects on it’s ability to perform it''s silver functions! Most investment grade silver bullion coins from the official World Mints are also supplied in air-tights, or protective plastic Mint tubes, which helps keep the coins well protected. Cut out the middlemen, trading directly between trusted sellers with reliable reputations supplying fair priced priced silver bullion coins will ultimately save you money. Should I buy more expensive scarcer coins? Silver coin premiums usually disappear over time, in the long run most value investors tend to price silver in relation to the spot market bullion price plus a reasonable coinage premium. Unless the coins are especially scarce and sought after it is unlikely you will benefit from buying more expensive standard 999 silver bullion varieties like coloured or obscure mint productions. i.e. the lower the initial premium on the bullion you pay, the higher your potential gain on resale. As a general rule you will make more money on silver bullion from buying coins as close to ‘bullion spot’ as possible, than simply hoping that a huge rally in silver prices will help you recover higher priced, taxed premium coins. There are ways to buy cheaper silver and if your aim is to build a profitable investment collection, it pays to reduce your costs per ounce by dealing with fellow silver sellers directly and learn how to confidently accumulate tax free silver directly from trusted sellers. SilverHubs enable you to deal person-to-person, tax and vat free, buying your silver coins at the lowest prices by eliminating un-necessary complexity and overheads. When you just want fair trade priced, cheap affordable silver bullion which you can use to store your purchasing power, investment value and have a trusted unit of internationally recognised currency with which you can freely trade, buying the lowest priced pure one ounce 999 silver coins are a good place to start. Buying pure 999 silver legal tender coins at the lowest premiums is a sure way to get more bullion for your buck! Growing in popularity is the trend to buy silver from smaller retailers who can trade under the VAT threshold, or indeed from coin dealers in the UK and EU who are using the margin scheme whereby they charge VAT at either a lower rate or just on the ‘profit margin’ thus giving you a lower purchase price for qualifying silver. Buying VAT free UK Royal Mint Britannia £2 silver bullion coins Whilst the Britannia silver bullion coin is produced or ‘Minted’ by the UK Royal Mint, it’s seldom the cheapest place to actually buy their own silver coins from! I guess much of the Mints extra premium comes from the sheer size of their minting business and the high overheads that are associated with the sales and administration of such a complex enterprise. The Royal Mint are also obliged to add a 20% added vat tax onto their silver selling prices. Whereas in contrast silver which has already had some degree of tax paid, or been imported from low tax Countries, can then be subsequently re-sold here in the UK at a lower price. Even new UK Britannia silver coins can often be found on the secondary market, wholesale distributors or via import agents at a substantially lower price than you would find from the UK Mint or the UK’s larger coin and bullion dealers. It's those ‘overheads’ taxation which often needs to be covered by these larger businesses charging higher premiums above spot for their physical coin sales) Taking delivery of physical silver bullion saves storage costs & counter-party liabilities There’s a saying in precious metals forums “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it!” Whilst the sound of VAT free overseas stored silver coins and bars sounds appealing, it usually comes with some big potential pitfalls There’s a monthly storage fee If you ever want to physically get hold of your silver in times of financial turmoil, they’ll be extra shipping costs as well as any relevant vat and taxes to pay once you opt to take delivery. Most ‘allocated platforms’ also have fees or a buy/sell spread. When you want to sell your silver coins you can only re-sell back to the same dealer that's holding your silver - thus you do not have access to a free open market price, i.e. you're stuck with what-ever price this single buyer will offer, which is often just 'spot price' hence you loose any coinage premium you paid. The simplest, safest way to buy and hold silver bullion is to buy popular internationally recognised legal tender coins which are easy to re-sell, small units of easily tradable silver like Britannia, Krugerrands, Dragon bars, Maple-leafs, American Eagles, Kangaroo pure 9999 silver etc. Buy from a non registered or VAT free seller and take physical ownership at the lowest cost per Troy ounce silver you can find. Now you’ve bought your silver investment at a good price, how and where can you re-sell silver coins without incurring sellers fees and auction commissions? SilverHubs is a fair trading community for silver which enables silver stackers to trade together in a safe, trusted environment whereby everyone can benefit from sharing the silver resources and information to make the buying and selling process clear and fair for all. How the coin trade prices work to help both buyer and seller; Because sellers can advertise their silver coins and precious metals on the trade Hubs without any selling or listing fees it means they can offer their coins at a fairer price when compared to selling at a typical auction. Buyers benefit from getting direct person-to-person access with sellers, i.e. there are no middlemen or associated trading costs, no vat from private sellers, plus any trade sellers here will be competing to offer their best value products and special offers. Comparing to buying at dealers; Silver coin retailers would typically add a coin re-sale premium on top of the Mint production and resale premiums, on top of which 20% UK Vat is also added, (or any state-side taxes) unless it’s a secondary market Margin scheme sale, in which case the tax is paid on the profit margin but they'll still be some element of profit based tax. Sourcing reasonable quantities of silver bullion from UK margin scheme sellers can be a time consuming challenge, especially at times of spot bullion price appreciation when silver coin prices are rising, because there simply isn’t a lot of quality silver coins and bars coming onto the second hand market. Linking buyers directly with silver sellers on the secondary silver market is something the Hubs are actively engaged with to help silver investors find reputable sources for accumulating silver bullion at fair trade prices. Conclusion & summary for sourcing silver coins VAT free The first thing to think about when buying silver is; where am I going to sell it. Is the silver fairly priced compared to spot silver? general average bullion coins will usually range 10-30% over spot. If you can source UK silver coins around 25% over spot, it's usually a fair mid trade price which basically covers the costs of coin production and distribution. (as opposed to say 45-50% over spot which you may find at dealers who are adding on 20% vat) Dealing direct person-to-person fee free / 0% sellers fees with trusted feedback ranked sellers helps you find the best priced silver Further insights about investing in silver and precious metals Consider your own objectives - is it a mid or long term investment? precious metals investing is rarely profitable as a short term hold unless you’re really skilful or lucky! with you’re investment timing. Choosing when and how to scale is important, it’s worth being aware of international events, politics and monetary policies which might effect your timing and entry price for buying precious metals. Become well informed regarding your own tax situation in respect of any liability to pay capital gains tax on the sale of physical gold or silver. In the UK there is generally an annual amount of capital gains free income allowance, i.e. you won’t need to pay a tax on this specific amount of the capital gain you might make when you re-sell your precious metal holdings. In UK any coins which have a UK legal tender status are classed as CGT free, these include Britannia silver bullion coins with a face value of £2 pounds, Coat of Arms 1ounce silver bullion coin also with a legal tender value of two Pounds, various Queens Beast’s 2oz (Two Troy ounces of 9999 silver) which is £5 face value legal tender, as well as various other silver bullion coinage issued by the UK Royal Mint. Certain UK Gold bullion coins also have CGT free status, being legal tender; UK gold Sovereigns are £1, Britannia gold coins in various sizes are all legal tender as detailed below. * Individual Countries each have their own rules regarding declaring gains and paying capital gains tax when selling precious metals for a profit. i.e. In the United States, each State will have it’s own rules for taxation as well as the federal capital gains tax which applies to gains on most investment gains. Trading or barter of silver for third party goods or services could also have certain requirements to record any potential gain, if indeed you are making a profit by trading your precious metal. In theory, if you decide to exchange your gold or silver for good or services equal to the amount you paid for it, then there’s no gain! In practice, were you to trade 10 silver coins for say a $200 car repair it’s hard to see how anyone is going to account for that as a gain? Obviously trading a tonne of silver for a property may be a different entity! If anyone has specialised professional knowledge and research on using silver in payment and barter, we’d love to hear from you and feature more in-depth work on this topic. Another aspect with using any form of legal tender cash including US Dollars, US $1 silver Eagles, UKPounds etc - is that they are freely floating currencies and by their very nature are constantly going up or down in relative value and in reality who ever declares a capital gain on their actual earned currency notes, if for instance you take them overseas and exchange them at a relatively higher value than you paid or earned them at!? * final footnote - always seek professional tax accounting advice relevant to your own personal or business situation. * further notes on legal tender and how not all legal tender is created equally! (coin updating to articles) Summary note: the higher legal tender face value coins like £50 limited issue - actually contain no more silver bullion than the UK £2 Britannia, both being one Troy ounce of silver. Britannia Gold coins face values One ounce: £100 Half ounce: £50 Quarter ounce: £25 One-tenth ounce: £10 Britannia Silver coins face values One ounce: £2 Half ounce: £1 Quarter ounce: 50 pence One-tenth ounce: 25 pence UK Mint 2 ounce Queens Beasts silver bullion coins are £5 five pounds face value UK Mint 10 ounce Queens Beasts silver bullion coins are £10 ten pounds face value Coin facts and silver content American junk silver coins Roosevelt Dimes, Washington Quarters, Liberty Franklin and Kennedy Half-Dollars minted 1964 or earlier are .900 bullion containing 90% silver. The values of most average circulated USA silver coins minted in the 1920′s up to 1964 is derived primarily from the coins silver content. UK collector silver coins Pre 1920 coins are .925 Sterling silver and are always a popular choice with collectors and silver investors worldwide. British pre 1947 silver coins are .500 silver bullion which contains 50% silver. There are a number of advantages to investing in these older legal tender precious metal coins: they are often more collectible than general bullion coins and bars. Junk or scrap silver coins can often be purchased closer to spot price. Official World Mints solid .999 silver bullion coins with amongst the lowest premiums include 999 or 9999 silver bullion coins include; USA $1 American Eagle, UK £2 Britannia, Canada $1 MapleLeaf, Mexico Libertad, South Africa Krugerrand, Australia Kangaroo & Perth Mint 9999 silver Dragon bars, European minted Austria Vienne Philharmonic. These coins contain the purest grade 999 parts / 1000 of silver bullion Whilst there are many other pure 999 silver coins available from a vast array of official as well as private Mints, many are often sold are higher premiums to collectors, or in the case of private minted coins and bars, they often do not have quite as broad an appeal as the more recognised legal tender coins which generally benefit from better supply demand dynamics. i.e good prices and always in demand! Wether you are new to silver stacking or a seasoned precious metals investor, we’re confident that you’ll discover some precious treasures insights here on the Hubs and silver forums. Buy, sell & trading with silver helps silver appreciate and build value. SilverHubs are advocates of sound silver money | your input on the hubs helps build a World silver resource for everyones benefit Thank You - I appreciate your support, Steve Hotson, SilverHubs founder & administrator
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