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  • HOW TO'S + FAQ's

    How to get a free account and user profile name

    Registration is fast & gives you free access to the forums and trading Hubs.

    • Click Sign Up  top right of your screen ↗️
    • After registering you will receive a validation email to validate the email you wish to register with. (email addresses are private and are not displayed on the site or shown to other members) 
    • If you do not receive the validation email, please check your email junk box.  If it's blocked by your email account, you can email us directly using the email you'd like to register and we'll set the membership manually for you.
    • Profiles / displayed usernames can be real or anonymous.  If you are planning to use the hubs for active trading and sales you might prefer to use real names, (compulsory for business users) to aid trust and authenticity.  Profiles and display names can be changed after registering by selecting your user account (top right of screen) select account settings/change display name. 

      It's also good to say hello and introduce yourself at the Forums

    How to Buy

    • As a registered member (free to join) you can see the full classified advert and contact details as well as unrestricted access to the forums trade Hubs.
    • Message the seller directly using their contact advertiser button using the preferred method; message or email (emails are also private)
    • Sellers are free to trade directly, but many sellers will prefer dealing with fellow SilverHubs Silver members who have built trusted feedback
    • Certain sellers may offer discounts or preferential terms, like free delivery or lower prices for fellow silver members
    • Advertisers may also have contact and payment details listed directly within their advert descriptions.  
    • Certain sellers including trade members may have an additional external sales / web link button whereby you can link directly to their own site/auction or e-commerce platform to complete the sale directly.  This is enabled because SilverHubs do not impose selling restrictions or take sales commissions.

    How to sell - Free & occasional posts on the trading Hubs

    • Members can post topics freely in the buy / sell / trade forum Hubs, creating a relevant titled topic for sales/wanted or trading info.
    • You can use the site's secure messaging facility to contact members directly and discuss items.  
    • Free members can currently use up to: 3 buy/sell/adverts or sales topics per month.  For higher usage allowances, as well as access to the storefront category sale adverts, it is beneficial and low cost to become a verified Silver member enabling 30 trades / month from just £3/month. 
    How to sell - Unlimited on the trading Hubs + fast dual listings onto the classified StoreFront
    • Subscribe to become a SilverHubs Silver or Trade member which will automatically activate the UK classified sale listing facilities for you, as well as all of the sites additional features.
    • Click the +Create tab top of screen & select 'Advert' from the drop down OR select a sale category and use the 'Submit advert' button
    • Advert loading page provides all of the options which you can select and load for each sale item.  Adverts run for 30 days, you can cancel or amend them anytime.
    • In the location box: we suggest just entering your town/city
    • You can save certain pre-defined items like location & shipping info by accessing your account settings tab (top right under your profile name) and then 'advert defaults'
    • Sales & transactions are completed directly buyer to seller, we do not take any fees or moderate selling rules.
    • Being active on the Hubs forums also helps build your site trading reputation

    Complete the buy / sell trade by using the secure site messaging or 'offers' facilities to contact site members directly.  Once the sale is agreed, set the advert to 'completed.'  Do not delete the advert until item/s are delivered and feedback is completed.

    Advert tips - for free ads

    Registered silver or trade members can place free adverts into the sites classified sections.  There are no final sale fees which means that items can be listed to accurately reflect a fair value without the need to add in advertising margins and sale commissions.

    0% sellers fees = SilverHubs do not interfere with your selling process or take any sales commission.

    • Titles: Use short descriptive titles
    • Tags: Include key words which help describe your item
    • Price: Enter in your chosen currency UK£ or €EU (US$ not avail yet)  you can also give pricing information in the item content details section
    • Photos: use well lit photographs which clearly show all aspects of your item
    • Items for sale / wanted: You can display anything that's related to precious metals, i.e get creative and showcase your newsletter, metals investments, silver/gold art and crafts, jewellery etc 
    • Location: enter town/city
    • Allow offers: is a good extra facility for people to contact you
    • Contact details: Private message uses the sites private member messaging facility.   Email: enables a private email to be sent directly to you.
    • Enable shipment: lets you enter a shipment note detailing the service you will use, times etc,  name of shipping service like Tracked Special Delivery & cost.   

    How to leave feedback

    Click the +Create button (top of page) & complete feedback as detailed.  As you start typing topics will be auto suggested as you enter titles from relevant sales/topics, or you can create feedback directly from the completed sales topic or classified advert.

    To view members feedback click their profile name
    Transaction Feedback can only be exchanged between registered SilverHubs members 

    Please leave feedback once you have completed a transaction

    How to trade smart and buy safe

    • Use your best instincts, if something seems too good to be true there's a fair chance it needs close scrutiny.
    • Aim to deal with reputable sellers with a public profile or good verified feedback from multiple members or other sources
    • Check the SilverHubs TradeSmart guide for details about good selling practices

    Please read the Site users Guidelines  for more details about how to use the sale Hubs and Forums

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