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  • Site guidelines & trading Hubs info

    SilverHubs provides sales information services and a trading community. Submitted content represents the views of the author, not the sites owners.

    Please use accurate full descriptive topic titles and posts - these will help your content get correctly indexed and found by other users.

    • Forums are labelled green - Free for all users 
    • Buy / Sell / Trading Hubs Sales listings are SILVER or red - Free for Silver Members

      Sales item trading feedback can only be given/received by registered Silver members - which helps build the Hubs safe trading community.

    Fast, simple FREE registration enables you to browse and post in the general information silver forums anytime.

    Giving / checking user feedback: SILVER members can give feedback against sale items in the Buy/sell/trade hubs only.
    Click the +Create button (top right) & complete as detailed. (uses auto suggest as you type using correct titles from relevant sales/topics)
    To view members feedback: click their profile name


    The silver information forums, insights, guides and articles are all free to use; chat and browse away, please just don’t post any trades and sales on the selling hubs unless you're a full Silver Member.  If you’re looking to buy, sell and find great deals, you can use the Silver member subscription to get full access to all areas and Hubs facilities, FREE for 6 Months as we build the initial foundations for the fair-trade sale Hubs.  Thereafter it's just £29 per year to continue with full Silver facilities, exceptional value considering you’d probably spend much more than that with just a few ebay or auction commission sales.

    Plus the substantially better priced silver deals we'll be adding here everyday!

    Safe trusted buy/sell SilverHubs
    We're developing a fair and safe trading environment where you can deal directly - only with other registered Silver members, thereby ensuring you get to see their profile, signature, info about their hubs rankings and trade feedback as it evolves - just like a popular auction site, but without the fees!

    It's therefore recommended that you start your SilverHubs member trading with buying or selling small amounts, initially with registered silver members who have already started to build some trusted profile qualities like;  

    • Good input and conversation on the forums
    • Are known to us/ and interact with SilverHubs admin (we'll be adding an extra verification for Silver members we know & have dealt with directly ourselves)
    • Sharing info, good quality images of silver only items to show they're current and genuine - you can include your name and date within the photographs to show it's recent and genuinely yours
    • Include links to any feedback you might have on other auctions
    • Note your facebook profile so that members can further authenticate you (you can share profiles via private messages)
    • Despatch sale items promptly and well packaged
    • Always use a tracked, insured delivery, Special delivery for all items over £50 value
    • Use PayPal for buyer and seller protection & only deliver to registered PayPal addresses
    • Leave feedback for sales/purchases here on the hubs between registered, verified Silver members
    Follow our fair trading guidelines and eventually we will all build a well respected trusted SilverHubs where we all benefit from fair pricing and fast access to quality silver, dealing direct between buyer and seller.

    The Buy/Sell/Trade Hubs are for - you guessed it! - buying, selling, trading

    You can buy sell or trade as much silver as you like, as often as you like - commission free.

    The quarterly/annual Silver Members fee is a flat low cost service which covers your entire costs for using the platform, including all messaging services, sale listings, digital storage, feedback and member ranking, encrypted browsing as well as access to a globally promoted specialised silver sales platform.

    There are many benefits with Silver Membership.

    • Unlimited buy sell commission free trading
    • First access to best priced daily trade Hubs
    • Silver pool of VAT free bullion 10oz-100oz batches
    • Link to your own sales / auctions etc
    • Special offers & low priced silver
    • Private messaging & direct trading p2p facilities
    • Photo storage of sale item imagery
    • Custom profiles with forum community feedback
    • Trading verified feedback for buy/sell/trades between silver members
    • Member only Hubs + all trades are member2member for added security

    Because buy/sell/trades and feedback are completed directly between registered Silver Members it means that generally items can be bought and sold at fair trading prices eliminating the traditional costs associated with listing and selling individual items on other platforms.  We do not take any sales commissions or make any additional charges for advertising, extra promotions, listing fees or auction fees

    You are trading direct p2p / b2b - with other registered SilverHubs Silver Members - using our safeguard best practices.  Honest reputable sellers build trusted feedback.

    Generally, if buyers & sellers have paid membership to use a trading community, they will want to ensure that they are providing a honest, trusted, reliable service. 

    Please do not add pricing opinions or general chat to the sales hubs.

    SalesHubs listings are designed to be direct to the point buy/sell offers.  If you’d like to learn about silver items, discuss coin types etc and chat about the silver industry, you can do that free using the information forums.  By keeping the buy/sell SalesHubs sections clear of chat and non related comments it enables buyers and sellers to conduct their trades more efficiently.

    Sell Genuine silver items only, anyone attempting to sell fakes, replicas or any altered / non genuine items will be deleted from the Hubs.

    Link policy
    Please do not add links to outbound sites or your own sales, on other platforms, unless you’ve upgraded as a Silver Member or business trade seller.
    Silver Members may post a reasonable amount of links to their own personal listings, auctions etc but please do not add un-silver-related links or use excessive outbound linking.

    No affiliate or marketing links allowed, without a pre-approved business or trade advertising license.

    Business users & trade links
    Business users can obtain a business or sponsor license which enables trade users to link to their own business sites / newsletters etc)
    Businesses & advertisers can contact us  in the first instance to discuss synergies and to ensure a good fit with the Hubs. 

    Please do not post excessive links to outbound sites and any links should be silver related and add benefit to the site and reader insights.

    Images / photographs - should all be silver or silver item related 
    Try to keep images to a reasonable size like; 1080 x 600 pix is ample to show your silver, 72dpi works just fine on-screen resolution.

    Selling silver items

    • Give honest accurate descriptions and you’ll gather good feedback.
    • List quantities, weight in grams/ounces
    • Include silver grade i.e. state .925 Sterling, or .999 bullion
    • Show Hallmarks with any silverware & jewellery
    • Package any items really securely with lots of padding and tape.
    • Always use a tracked and insured delivery - like Special Delivery, or Fedex, UPS etc. Providing buyers with a tracking reference after despatch is helpful
    • Use Paypal for buyer/seller protection, unless you have built trusted knowledge of your buyer/seller
    • Leaving feedback helps your own ranking and the community. 

    Forum and sale Hubs titles and descriptions;  please be accurate and descriptive, e.g:
    10 ounces 2019 Britannia silver bullion coins, in UK Mint tube; £$€price

    General forum etiquette

    Please be polite, being nice is nice!

    No offensive comments please, they do not help anyone.

    Do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential.  We reserve the right to check and moderate all submitted content.
    Please do not write posts in capitals! nor include links to 
    inappropriate, or non relevant content.

    We can't have anyone using the site who is rude, intolerant, aggressive, dishonest or who generally miss-uses the site’s facilities and good spirit.  Stick to good nature and fair honest trading and all are welcome.  Anyone miss using the site’s facilities will have their posts and account removed.

    Social media

    Mentioning SilverHubs and linking back to us, or your own forum/sale Hubs posting is always appreciated and helps your own sales.

    SilverHubs provide a community and trading platform to assist members making trade and personal connections, we do not endorse individual members or transactions. Our systems are designed to filter out spam and any unethical users or activity which will help you make your own safe trading decisions.  Site terms are designed so that only registered Silver Members are authorised to make sales listings in the trading hubs.

    By only dealing with other registered Silver Members you have an initial layer of authenticity in that all members will have registered their details and made an authenticated payment with ourselves.  You should however always carry out your own due diligence and only trade with members and items where you have satisfied yourself of their authenticity.  

    We do not directly moderate individual sales ourselves but as part of our site security policy we are actively engaged in assisting members to build a long term fair trading reputation through use of both our own evaluations and the ongoing feedback and Hubs rankings of individual members. Forum posts are the private opinions of the individual posts authors not the site.

    More site info
    Articles  |  Feedback  |  Forums

    © 2019/10 SilverHubs - All rights reserved


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