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  • SilverHubs was founded as a solution to the lack of options for re-selling silver coins, silver items & bullion without losing a large amount in selling fees.

    Hence our mission; building a trusted silver community to discover & trade fine silver coins, bullion and collectable silver from around the World.

    Our origins are UK/EU based providing an initial close knit community of trusted traders and silver collectors who would like a fairer way of doing business together, person to person, member to member or old school face to face.

    Founded by World motoexplorer Steve Hotson who, after using both gold and silver to hedge his own international trade and travels, as well as an ever devaluing fiat £ pound (which is no-longer actually a Pound of anything!) built a ten year pool of knowledge, trusted contacts and fair priced silver discoveries; literally learning how to buy and trade silver bullion coinage at fair prices.  This site is a culmination of this silver journey, evolving into a global silver community to share with everyone who has an appreciation of silver, precious metals and fair trade. 

    Site facts
    We are hosted on the fastest globally based CDN servers we could find > to deliver you a fast, reliable, secure SilverHubs platform, wherever in the World you are browsing.  The forum Hubs are free to use always - silver focused and strictly moderated for silver & precious metals content relevance. The trading Hubs are for registered silver members, enabling commission free member to member trading.

    We protect your data carefully, use 2 stage authentication for new members and do not display or re-sell any of your personal details.
    Forum chat profiles can be confidential, but there's enhanced benefits, trust and transparency from using real identities for dealing person to person, essential for trusted business associates.

    Deal directly buyer to seller for silver value < > member to member for trusted silver trade

    With over 20 years varied business experience, maintaining your trust and delivering 1st class reliable service is our goal.  

    We look forward to serving you, with the aim of providing a trusted silver community to explore the exciting depth of the silver industry as well as searching out and sharing the best value silver coins, bullion and collectable silver from around the World.

    Steve Hotson, SilverHubs founder & site administrator

    SilverHubs Registered administration office
    North Parade, West End,
    Lincoln, LN1 1LB
    T: +44 (0) 7788101144

    Contact us: use the site contact form below, or members messaging facility. 


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