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Anyone collecting Maple Leafs ? 1988+

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22 years of Silver Maple leaf series - that's a lot of silver Maple bullion production!

Still surprising lower compared to many of the US Eagle production years,

Personally I would say any of the Maple leafs prior to 2006 will still be quite collectable, especially in fine or Unc. condition.  Some of the years were especially quite low mintages, partially for what is basically a 1ounce investment bullion coin, with international recognition. + a whole silver stack of special privy editions.

Lowest mintage years for the MapleLeafs were;
1988 (first year mintage) 1,155,931 if that's low!
1991: 644,300
1992: 343,800
1994: 889,946
1995: 326,244
1996: 250,445
1997: 100,970
1998: 591,359
2000: 403,650
2001: 398,563
2002: 576,196
2003: 684,750
2004: 680,925
2005: 955,694

Then loomed the next financial crisis and from 2006-2008 onwards, lets say bullion coins started to become popular!

Anyone looking for a particular year, or even a whole collection, I do have most of these available, prices ranging £30-£45

Including some still RCM sleeve sealed & 1997's

* more photos to follow




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