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Is there an alternative to ebay for selling coins?

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Short answer - you've found it!

Why is ebay such an expensive option for buying and selling silver and precious metals?
Answer: They have a standard 10% final value sales fee

Someone has to pay that extra 10% 

Either the seller absorbs it, i.e. in effect they loose 10% of an items sales value the instant it sells!
or the buyer pays all or part of the fee, if the seller has opted to build in an extra 10% onto the selling price.

Ebay actually boast that items on Ebay often sell for more than social media community sites! I'm not quite sure why they actually see that as a benefit! ? to me it just seems an admission that someone is paying more!

Is it really a benefit to me if you'r selling me your silver for 10% more than I can buy the same coins elsewhere!?
Is it really a benefit to you as a seller, if you're doing all the listing work, perhaps making a net 1-5% or even selling at a net loss after paying a 10% sales fee?

Remember also that Ebay fees are PER ITEM, each and every item you sell, you're loosing 10% to fees.

Examples of fees
Sell 10 x 1oz silver coins for perhaps £200 = you pay £20  (and you'll also pay 10% extra fee on any postage you need to charge, hence ebay encourage you to also include free postage, so that YOU pay the postage costs and the fees!)
Sell 10 lots of 10 coins = you pay £200

Perhaps you've invested £€10,000 in your silver collection and over time it's appreciated a handsome 15% ?  showing you a gross paper profit of £1500.
How will you feel after selling the £10,000 of silver, perhaps in several individual sales, only to subsequently receive a selling invoice for a whopping £1000 in sellers fees!! ?
Even worse, your investment appreciated say 10% which at the current almost zero saving interest rates isn't a bad return, yet the entire gain gets wiped out by auction selling fees!

How does this compare with SilverHubs 0% final value sales fees?
Answer -  well there's literally zero comparison! Silverhubs is simply Zero fee = you get to keep your whole sale amount.
The only fee you ever pay at SilverHubs is the flat annual £29 members fee, which provides all of the additional benefits of site membership as well as enabling you to place your own silver, coin and precious metals adverts, entirely free.

SilverHubs have No listing fees, No featured sale fees, No fees for going extra bold or having a sub category, larger photos are fee! promoting you is free,  oh - and having your own e-store is also free!

Selling £10k of silver on ebay sales could cost you 10% - i.e. £1000 in sale fees
Sell the same 10k of silver on multiple SilverHubs listings costs you ZERO sale fees, just your £29 flat annual membership
That's a whopping £971 saving

bottom line > we think there's really no comparison!  

Personal guarantee: Join SilverHubs and if you do not use the facilities to find great value, form positive trading links or discover
useful information, we'll refund any un-utilised site cost you may have paid. 
Steve Hotson, 
SilverHubs founder


p.s. a few other benefits we think you'll enjoy at SilverHubs

  • We positively encourage you to make ongoing direct contact with buyers - it cuts out the middleman and saves you money
  • Actually dealing direct buyer to seller means that no-one is paying any third party sellers fees (maybe that's why ebay ban you from even mentioning dealing directly off-site!)
  • Private messaging, exchanging emails, validating and building trusted direct trading contacts are also all positively encouraged.  It builds your own reputation and saves you money.
  • Mention your own sales site, link to your own auction or web site - we won't black list you - in fact it's a positive benefit to help you sell your own items directly for the best possible, fair prices, why would anyone discourage that!? 
  • Exchange emails, communicate and negotiate directly, it's all freely encouraged at SilverHubs
    your email address is not displayed publicly on the SilverHubs site, or classified adverts. emails are only accessed when you choose to provide them privately, to individual members.
  • You can even include links to your facebook or ebay sales, we're all free and open to fair trade at SilverHubs after-all! 


SilverHubs The new way: 0% sellers fees to sell your silver & gold direct to buyers at a fair price for both the buyer & seller



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