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Where to sell silver coins for cash to trusted buyers

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Where to sell silver coins without sellers fees

In times of rising costs and monetary devaluation buying silver bullion coins can look a good investment whilst silver spot prices are at a historically low gold to silver ratio, but don’t forget that in order to realise the best possible return on your silver investment you will also need to discover how and where to re-sell your silver bullion coins for the best prices without incurring selling costs and commissions!

Making silver trade and coin sales fast fair and easy with SilverHubs – 0% sales fees to sell silver

We believe you should pay zero 0% commissions to sell your own silver bullion and coin collections

Places to sell silver coins & bars

Traditionally coin sellers might consider one of the following sales methods, alongside which we have highlighted some of the pros and cons;

Sell coins to a coin dealer = coin shops and online dealers will generally offer a fairly low spot price based trade value, typically between 95-100% spot, but usually with little or no additional retail premium. i.e. You might not be offered a price which represents a fair retail sales price for your silver, gold, bullion and investment coin collection.  Having said that, we should also consider that if you are looking for the fastest possible sale for instant cash, then the dealer is providing a valued service whereby you might be happy to sacrifice getting the best price, for speed of payment and reassurance of getting a fast sale.
Professional reputable coin dealers should usually offer a fair additional premium for any added collectability or numismatic value, although in the case of the more recent .999 bullion coins, rounds and bullion bars issued over the last decade, you can expect close to spot price from most dealers.

Selling coins privately through an online auction can be a good way to discover the retail market price
Cons: selling fees can typically range 5-10% which you would need to pay after the sale for every coin listing.  You should also factor for payment fees like Paypal which are typically around 2.9%. Auctions also tend to restrict you from striking a deal directly with buyers which can mean that you are locked in to their own sales platform and pay a percentage commission on every single coin sale.   It can also be time consuming listing multiple coins, photographing collections and placing individual sales listing details, although with a little care this can be time well spent however you choose to sell your coin collection!

Social media sales like facebook etc has limited specialised silver buyers and coin collector traffic. Each coin sale listing also tends to quickly get lost in an un-helpful listing style of constantly scrolling listings, i.e. there is usually no specific coin type menus and categories which can often make it difficult for buyers to find what’s being offered for sale. 

SilverHubs trading silver fast and easy coin selling facilities with 0% sell fee

The SilverHubs silver trade community enables you to select one simple low cost annual listing membership which then allows you to use the entire sites sales facilities to sell as many coins and silver bullion bars as you want, without the need to make further payments, or incur any direct selling costs for each sale.

SilverHubs also enable you to quickly list your coins for sale using our fast duel listing tools which automatically posts your sale items onto both classified listings and the UK silver forums so that you gain maximum sales exposure. Other free coin re-selling facilities on the SilverHubs platform include;

  • FAST & FREE profile Registration SilverHubs
  • New metals forums, silver insights, offers and articles growing daily through 2020 
  • Fast worldwide data servers deliver secure browsing & precious metals information securely at high speed
  • Open unbiased information and forum knowledge sharing is always free
  • Access to silver trade experience
  • Free and Confidential members user profiles
  • Discover great silver deals, treasures & scarce items from around the World
  • Low cost annual  SILVER HUBS membership
  • Classified for sale & wanted adverts, free 30 day listings
  • 0% selling fees means you keep more cash, actually you keep all of your cash! when you sell on SilverHubs
  • Trading members feedback – buyers & sellers trust silver members who build positive feedback
  • Secure private messaging & photo storage
  • Signature message in posts & ability to link to your own private web site or online blog
  • Your own online classifieds e-store for free sale listings to sell your precious metals, gold, bullion & silver coins.

How do the costs compare for selling silver coins?

Here are two typical examples of coin selling formats, based on selling GB£500 pounds worth of silver coins, which equates to approximately one full Mint tube of 25 ounces silver bullion coins at a retail value of around £20 per 1ounce coin;

A/ Online auction sale, typically have fee’s of 10% of the sale and 2.9% Paypal fee = £65 costs per sale!


SilverHubs zero coin selling fees for silver members – you would simple pay an annual private membership and selling license of: £35 total with unlimited selling limits. You can sell 10x or 100x more anytime throughout the year and still pay the same fixed cost. 

B/ Sell 25 ounces of bullion to a coin dealer, based on silver spot price aprox £15 / ounce = 25 x £15: returns you £375, i.e. you loose aprox £125 of the retail value, by selling to a trade dealer.
SilverHubs zero % fee = you can sell at or close to retail price and retain the full selling price yourself, less any Paypal fee if you opt to accept that payment method, which is not compulsory when you sell at SilverHubs.

Make your own direct silver and precious metals trading connections, conducting sales and business directly between coin buyers and sellers: is positively banned on most online auction sites because they have a desire to keep your business locked into their platform. Whereas at SilverHubs we positively encourage building trusted direct trading partnerships; that’s the way for you to retain all of the sales price yourself, whilst building connections who you know and trust. 

VAT Free silver coin sales

Browse the classified sales listings where you will find a comprehensive selection of silver coins and collectables. We partner with coin dealers and private sellers to search out a wide range of both new and secondary sale, pre-owned silver coins enabling you to benefit from our experience matching fair pricing, low margins with VAT free sourced silver to give UK coin buyers access to reliable, trusted suppliers of fine quality official Mint produced silver coins at fair trade prices. 

We partner with the silver trade and authenticated, trusted retail silver coin sellers to help you source your silver coins at low prices. We’re a small lean business which means small overheads and an efficient way for you to cut out the middle men and get your silver coins directly from authenticated sellers.

Lunar year of horse 10 troy ounce silver bullion coin

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